Cultivate Calm // Yin Yoga - Open Level
with Adrienne Murphy

October 8 (Saturday)
at 9:30 am

Class length
75 minutes

Osborne Park Studio

With our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to relax. And often, when we do get a chance to slow down, our mind starts racing and we have trouble switching off.

TPY yin yoga can help you truly unwind through a combination of floor based yoga poses (asana) to help open your body physically and energetically so you can release tensions and worries and mindfulness and meditation to help reduce stress of the mind.

Our sequences of relaxing poses use the support of bolsters, blocks and blankets and are designed to rid the body of tension and stress. Long holds (two to five minutes per posture) help you work deeper into the physical body, enabling you to lengthen and juice up your connective tissue, increasing flexibility. And as your body starts to soften and relax, we turn our attention to the mind to see what we can let go of there.

You don’t need to be flexible to practise yin yoga; it is perfect for beginners who can’t touch their toes as well as advanced yogis wanting to deepen their practice. Yin is also a great complement to the more intensive power styles of yoga.

Also, if you suffer from any of the following you will benefit from TPY’s yin yoga classes:
• anxiety
• depression
• insomnia or sleep problems
• irritable bowel
• tension headache and migraine
• overthinking, worry, constant thought
• stress
• high blood pressure
• adrenal fatigue
• fibromyalgia

TPY yin yoga classes offer a truly unique experience. They are a great way to unwind from your busy life and tune in to your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

No yoga experience required to attend this class


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